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What becomes of Apple now

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What becomes of Apple now

Posted in : apple, cellphone, computer, operating system, phone, software on by : TruXter

Now that we have lost Steve Jobs, we have to question what will come of Apple. What will come of computers and cell phones from here?

My worry is that no one will fill Steve job’s spot and be creative and wise as he was all in one, and still run a company as he did.

If that will be the case, then we stand a chance of very little competition. with little competition, comes little growth through competitive progress processes. The desire to make your product better than the competition is what makes innovation. With less innovation by competitive motivation, we will become stale like a gaming console that floats 5-10 years without expansion or growth. We settle into acceptance and learn to just “deal with it “. Sometimes change is good for us. Options are even better for us.
So what becomes of Apple? what ever happens to apple, will reflect on what happens to Microsoft and what happens to Linux and what happens to Android, and to RIM and Symbian.

Will Apple consider this, Will it be easier and cheaper on Apple to just go for the lazy guy who doesn’t care? if so. It will be a fast sweep by Microsoft to take in Apple, and well… Linux would be a flash and soon forgotten.

Not to be a fear monger just trying to think ahead. Hopefully Apple is thinking ahead.


What comes of Apple and do they have an announcement coming soon? They very well should, if they want to keep their stock steady.