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What Gaming Platforms Will See GTA V

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What Gaming Platforms Will See GTA V

Posted in : game, gaming, video game on by : TruXter

We have all seen that gaming consoles have gotten pretty powerful, and we all know that Rockstar games can take an old engine and make it better, run faster, smoother and have less glitches . We saw this with GTAIII and Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and then again with San Andreas when Rockstar started putting the wanted items into the game. Like swimming, ability to climb walls and ride a bicycle. So do the guys at Rockstar games have a big one up their sleeve? are they about to give the largest multiplatform launch simultaneously? What gaming Platform do you think they will launch on?
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What Gaming platform do you think will see Grand Theft Auto Five
Xbox 360
Nintendo Wii (wii U)
Windows Computer (PC)
hand held only
Are the options. For clear obvious reasons.
Here is a link from Walmart showing that currently there is only Xbox360 and Playstation 3 versions of GTA V ready to sell for June on release.
There are rumors that GTAV is coming out for Mac computers and some people are actually hoping that the release date will be near the release of the Nintendo Wii u. Some say that the regular Wii might be able to handle grand theft auto 5 if the game is optimized properly. There are a few people saying that GTA v stands a chance of being made just for hand held gaming systems. To me that is just nuts but i may as well leave it as an option. Others say it will be across all platforms and some some say just for the high end gaming consoles like the ps3 and the 360.
I am glad that none of this is confirmed right now because last Grand Theft Auto (that would be gtaiv)release nearly stressed me out. I am a pc gamer, so not seeing the game until about a year after initial release, was not cool at all. That’s even after the initial release was held back for almost a year already.
So please do not freak out and post hatred because I listed some strange ones. It’s just stuff I have been seeing on the internet. and they have a small chance of being correct. Nothing is confirmed yet so let’s speculate :-)

But feel free to explain your answer, and reason and logic behind your answer.

4 thoughts on What Gaming Platforms Will See GTA V

  • GTA GAMER 2011/10/31

    Xbox 360 Playstation 3 and Pc Only
    It’s what they know
    It’s what they always do

  • Grand Theft Auto For WII 2011/10/31

    Why wouldn’t they put it on the wii? Everyone has a WII now don’t they?

  • Aziz 2012/01/03

    PS4 is definiately the platform for CTA V.

  • XDPPX 2012/01/23

    They wont put it on wii because there junk!

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