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What is Comcast up to ?

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What is Comcast up to ?

Posted in : bandwidth, capping, fee, internet, Tech News on by : TruXter

Comcast will set a total available bandwidth usage. They will be charging for people going over their monthly limit.
For an unlimited internet. they sure do dance around the word “limit” a whole lot.

They claim 43% bandwidth usage increase. Well if you buy every internet company that has many users on it, expect an increase. This is how media dumbs us down and tells us that we should pay more an accept the fact that we are bad.

Give us a choice? “throttle or cap” ? are you kidding me?
I am for neither one. I live between 2 dsl hubs!
I didn’t go over my limit. I am unlimited.
my usage did not increase, they increased the number of users.
Time to Dsl it.
Sell out’s explain it to us
Net neutrality or bandwidth capping. WTF is actually happening here?
Does the “Comunismcast” hat fit yet ?
They bought out all companies in Texas that could be an alternative to their internet supply, then they tell us we will pay for anything over a limit.. again, unlimited bandwidth….?
I say leave comcast and cripple them before all the other companies join suite. Make an example of them.

Didn’t Microsoft get sued for this exact same thing?