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Win Fights In Mobsters Myspace

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Win Fights In Mobsters Myspace

Posted in : game, mobsters, myspace on by : Tech News

Sometimes the best offence is a good defence, so look through your equipment tab and find the weapon with the highest attack. If you have 500 mobsters, buy 500 of that weapon. If you have 258 buy 258, and so on and so forth. This will help you attack rival mobsters. Once you have the best attack weapons go to the armor tab and do the same for the armor, and once more for the vehicles.

But you also need to protect yourself against other people that are attacking you. So go to the weapons tab once more and buy the weapon with the highest defence. You will use the weapon with the highest defence if your defending. so it only makes sence to buy the best defence weapon. Then go to your armor tab and do the same thing, buy the armor with the best defence. and once more for the vehicles tab.

When attacking other mobsters you will use the best attack weapon/vehicle/ and armor to fight them so by buying the most amount you can use of each you are inreasing your chances at winning the battle.

Same goes for if you are attacked, best defence weapon/vehicle/armor will be used to defend you so buy the same number of each as you have mobsters.

EX: 500 mobsters buy 500 of the best attack weapons/vehicles/armor

EX: 200 mobsters buy 200 of the best defence weapons/vehicles/armor

And us at Attack At Will are always looking for new recruits to teach and fight along side with us.  We will also help you reach the long awaited goal of 500 mobsters if you still need to. So come join us at Attackatwill.com. Tell them that Poit sent you.