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ZTE Z740G Camera VS Iphone 4S Camera

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iPhone 4 Skyline shot

ZTE Z740G Camera VS Iphone 4S Camera

Posted in : android, apple, camera, cell, cell phone, review on by : TruXter

Decided to do a test between the ZTE Z740G Camera and the iPhone 4S Camera.
My test was to set both cameras at their full setting and full resolution and take one long distance photograph of the Houston downtown skyline and one close up photo within downtown Houston. To see how the cameras handle the lighting and what would be in focus and out of focus. and to go head to head between two phones in total different budgets. The iPhone 4s was quite expensive when it was released, while the ZTE Z740G was very cheap. Less than 1/4 the price of the iPhone.
To be as fair as I could, I also picked the exact same point as the focus point, and rested the cameras on the same objects.
The photos came out at very similar angles.


From what I see, the iPhone pictures came out darker and more grainy looking, while the Android pictures came out brighter but slightly blurrier.

The distance Skyline photos I have to give to the Android ZTE Z740G. Though they aren’t much better, they aren’t dark and weirdly gloomy. yet the iPhone image allows a tad more zoom and a clearer focus.

The close up photos I have to give to the iPhone 4. Especially when you look at the windows of the building to the left. You see the details in the curtains and the depth of the window area between the glass and the curtains.

After some time, I realize there are a few more types of photographs i could have taken to better test the two phones. Issue with that is the review would get long and bloated with pictures. So i decided to take just two photos of some coins up close with each phone. and not use flash
Android ZTE Z740G

iPhone 4S

again one image comes out blurrier and brighter while the other comes in dark and slightly more focus yet grainy.

Truth is, neither has a good camera. and this whole test is only good if you are trying to pick between the ZTE or the iPhone 4. Other than that, it would be in your best interest to find something else to compare these two phones by.

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