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Apps or Programs Poll

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app OR programs

Apps or Programs Poll

Posted in : poll, software, tech on by : TruXter

app OR programs

app OR programs

Before we get to the poll at the bottom of the page, Let’s preface this.
What would you prefer more to have. An Application or a Program ?
would you prefer to have the full entire install of a program with it’s entire file package, or an Application that is set without customizations other than per-customized addons (Which could be sturdy) that cost a bit more?

This is the question that we should be asking. We are nearing the time where operating system vendors move more and more to the “cloud” idea of everything computer. How do we want our installations to be happening? Do we want full installations or applications?

this isn’t so much of whether you want a tablet or a Computer, but the software that could determine whether you should have a computer or a tablet.


With a program you get full file access to all of the files that come with a program. Files that can be customized manually to your suited needs and desires.
Your program will not change so drastically with an update, that you can not use it, if it does, then you just uninstall and reinstall and skip that specific update.

With Programs you could mess the whole thing up customizing and tweaking to your needs and have to uninstall and reinstall.
You have to do the same procedures as an app if you want to buy addons. Click the install button
Scratch your disk and you are looking at an expensive reinstall.


With apps there might be a million and one modifications readily for sale that you never expected to exist.
Always online and available
doesn’t cost near as much for initial install.
Really hard to damage the install.

Not customizable.
all tweaks cost money
All tweaks fit someone elses needs.
No personal back up for when you are without internet service
Bandwidth usage everytime you install.
Always gets upstaged by next version that you have to buy in full.

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