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Audio Monitoring On These Premises – Extreme

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Audio Monitoring On These Premises – Extreme

Posted in : safety, science, security on by : TruXter

Safety and Security taken up 20 notches.

Sat through a presentation today, about Site security and audio monitoring. The manufactures of this security system did say this is not a perfect science. but with Video surveillance and Audio monitoring, you can have your criminal in no time.
Audio monitoring that is so strong, you can hear someone’s heart pattern. and with the proper video surveillance and face recognition and body dimensions, you can have your criminal caught in a short period.

Yes, audio monitoring so strong that you can hear a heart beat. you can hear the blood in their veins. If fingerprints are visible, you can have your criminal caught, the next time they enter a retail outlet that has the same video/audio monitoring.

Imagine this security surveillance and monitoring system in your house.

On the downside, I can not release the manufacturer’s name until they unveil it. Count on it being introduced to retail centers world wide before the end of 2012. Count on this new security system being monitored by your local law enforcement agencies, at a small fee that helps bring our local budgets back to where they need to be.