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Black March Has Begun

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Black March Has Begun

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What is Black March.
The start of the month of no major labels has begun.
This is the month where you as the consumer, are to only make media purchases directly from the musicians. Independent sales from the musician to you.
This tells the major labels who tried to nail us with multiple anti-piracy laws, with the sad fact that they make products and we are the purchasers of the products. If we stop making purchases, then they are just people who make stuff for no reason. They do not make rules or laws that hamper alternative methods of media distribution.

The internet is becoming something beautiful, let’s not let them monetize our greatest world wide resource. Let’s not allow them to hamper our creativity, let’s not allow them to silence our voices.

Please put an effort to participating in Black March

Here are a few sites to visit for great Independent music.
Unsigned Musicians

Indie Review

Please add music sites to the list

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