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Leap Year Virus 2012 ??

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Leap Year Virus 2012 ??

Posted in : antivirus, internet, internet safety, internet security, safety, security, virus on by : TruXter

It seems that one of the viruses that I reported in one of my previous posts, that obtained on my computer at work, has been bit by the Leap Year Virus 2012.
Everything is running slow.
First clue was I got a notice about “iteratorutils.jsm:117” failed to start. That of course is not a sign of virus, it is a sign that something is running slow, since script time for Mozilla is 10 seconds, The computer is running so slow, it exceeded the 10 second script load time . Not perfect science but enough to get me alerted. Yesterday was a busy day. My computer was running at full speed, smooth and nice. I never once searched anything on the web. I just worked on my drawings and records. Today, slow. Everything is loading at a crawl.

I am now running scans but it seems Microsoft essentials has locked up. And the only thing I have that will run, is spybot search and destroy, and Rouge Killer (linked below). Rouge Killer did find a couple registry anomalies that were labeled regular stuff you would normally overlook, I deleted the instances anyway. My machine might not boot back up because of that. but it’s worth a shot. I am sure the I.T. guy here and I can get the office computer back up and I will report back here as to do or not do what I did. I am sure I have to reboot because what regestry was showing, is that 3 items were loading on start of the computer. Since my computer is still running, then the items are still running and I only removed what starts them.If I don’t report back before you read this….. Don’t do it!.

Will report back when I find more to see if there is an actual virus that has been dormant waiting for Leap Year 2012. Possibly bundled with Antivirus 2012

If you notice the same issues, Please describe below, and check back often. I will be updating this as the day progresses.

**update** Microsoft essentials finally finished update. Scanning now. but so far nothing is showing up.

***Update. I have no idea what happened, 3 hours into my work day, and my computer just started working normal. Reboots really slow now, but it works again.
No virus scanners found anything. So I have no clue if they just don’t have the virus signature yet, or if it was a fluke bug, or what.

One thought on "Leap Year Virus 2012 ??"

  • Glawin 2012/03/01

    Try booting to safemode with Networking.
    1) D/L , install and run Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool from
    http://www.microsoft.com/downloads (make sure you choose the right version, as there are both 32 bit and x64 versions.)
    2) Update and run full system scan with AV
    3) Run Windows Updates

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