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What has Google plus Become

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What has Google plus Become

Posted in : networking, review, social network on by : TruXter

Google Plus is declared as a social experiment.
I have watched Google plus go from just extreme geeks exchanging tips, tricks, suggestions and information between each other, to podcaster spam, to what now seems like the coffee enthusiast college mind that has just woke up to how corrupt the world is.

Maybe not for everyone else, but for me, Google plus has become a website full of people who want to talk about the movement they are in, and to laugh as much as possible.

Google Plus has taken on a large crowd of intelligent people looking for more information and more people who want more views. This place is growing at a crazy fast rate. Google+ is everything that all of the past social sites have claimed to be, yet it still holds a bit of demeanor that says “I respect me”.

I am willing to see this thing through and see where it goes. I just hope Google doesn’t scrap the site before it gets it’s chance.