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Check Website Status

Posted in : internet on by : Computer Tweaker

If you have been looking for a place to evaluate your website, or just looking for status on your website in google page rank or in alexa rank or dmoz rank, there is now a place to check this status Website Status, value and worth.
This should help with your seo (search engine optimization). Tell you what your current status is, and what tweaks you may need to better your position.
I myself got sick of running down the gauntlet of links in Google or Bing or even Yahoo.

The one Here you will find at Website Status, value and worth Did not give ME any pretty results and well that kinda is a bummer. but it tells me what I need to know. There are many sites out there that tell me my site is worth a few hundred thousand dollars, and there are a few sites out there that tell me it is worth less than fifty bucks. I love working on this site and all of the upgrades I do so to me it is priceless, kind of like the results I get (lol).

So go see what your website is worth and see what your page rank is in Google,dmoz, and Alexa. It can only give you an idea of what mechanical method people use before purchasing your established domain name. Don’t get mad if the value is not what you want it to be, it could very well be worth more in a sentimental way or a more logical manor than what this php script evaluates.