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Cisco Xfinity RNG100 Cable Box

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Cisco Xfinity RNG100 Cable Box

Posted in : entertainment, television on by : TruXter

A short Review of the Cisco Xfinity RNG100 Cable Box.
Had my Cisco Xfinity RNG100 Cable Box installed now for about 2 weeks. The Comcast guy did not leave a manual with the cable box. So figuring the cable box out has been an up hill against the wind battle.
My first warning is if you are going to move your Cisco Xfinity RNG100 Cable Box around at all, turn the tv off. The power cable on this cable tv tuner is so tiny and easy to pop out, you will get loud static the instance the power connector is pulled out.
Once the cable box tv tuner gets disconnected, There really isn’t much clue as to when it finally comes on. So hitting the power button just leaves you confused and missing your favorite show. So far the only thing I have found to do is leave the power plugged in and walk away for about 5-10 minutes. Next I hit the power button and wait another 2 minutes and then do it again till the dang thing comes on. If you just power the cable box down, it turns on fast. But a full shut down with no power is a whole different beast. Leaves you in the dark. The favorites option labeled as “favs” allows you to makes more than one set of favs. I have no idea how many is maximum amount of channels per list, I barely got 9 in my list before I gave up because it took about 45 minutes. That was just list one. I tried making a second list later, but only got one channel in the list after about 15 minutes of messing with the remote. I can not get the favs to list 2 yet so I can easily get to that channel. So I just hit 444 then channel up or channel down and that takes me near the channel I want. I am afraid to memorize any channels, since Comcast has changed the channel line up like 7 times in the past ten years. If you have been dialing the same channel for two or three years and then bam it changes and then a month later changes again, you kind of give up.
For me, the usb connector on the front, does nothing, I guess it’s for wifi because it does nothing to a thumb drive that has videos and music on it. I tried hooking a computer to the usb connectors, thumb drive and an external hard drive. SQUAT!
Not amused.

4 thoughts on Cisco Xfinity RNG100 Cable Box

  • Berg 2011/12/22

    Yep, I have to reset this stupid cable box several times a day. Over 8 times, today. Same myopia of design, most infuriating thing ever. And Comcast won’t part with it.

    You basically can’t use On Demand with this horrible box. One use, paging through the videos, and it overloads, goes into a system hang, which necessitates an extremely wasteful call to Comcast Houston for a reset — even though you call from your Comcast telephone at home, you must go through the litany of naming yourself, address, phone and social.

    Or, just unplug the wretched defective thing, go through the steps described above. Hint: if when it powers back on, you see the green light blink more than four times, the reset did NOT work, and you may as well unplug again. If only four times and then it goes out, wait a few seconds afterwards and THEN hit the power button.

    The designers of this box should be fired for incompetence. Memory paging problem is obvious. That’s why it freezes. You can’t get any better box as a replacement, though. All you get are excuses and claims there is some other problem, instead of incompetent box design. Day after day after day.

    Comcast Houston internet and phone are good. Comcast website design is the worst I’ve ever seen (10 bizillion cookies, too); and the email is so dumb, the ‘draft save’ prompt covers the space where you’re typing. But you can avoid all that by using Outlook or Outlook express. Comcast Voicemail feature is fabulous.

    But the On Demand glitch — plus excuse-making Customer Service which NEVER helps you fix the problem — renders Comcast cable, doggone-near worthless. And if you rid yourself of the cable, you don’t save any money, either.

  • TruXter 2011/12/22

    Honest opinions. I love them.

  • Russ 2012/01/14

    Oh I understand this all too well spent 3 hours trying to set up the cable box and three adapter’s yesterday then spent five hours with customer service who did nothing and the cable box still won’t work nor will the remote. My adapter on my tv skips a lot going to the service interupted error quite a lot.

  • leslie 2012/09/17

    i just realized i wasnt getting all m channels so i called and they told me to unplug and wait 10 seconds. well i did that and it froze on initializing operating system so i had to reset again now the box shut off and when i hit the button on remote to turn it on the little orange light that says remote on the box lights up but i wont come on. what do i do now????

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