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Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450

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Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450

Posted in : computer, review on by : TruXter

Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450
The best keyboard I have ever used. The hot keys, the scroll wheel the volume button with the mute button, the copy the paste, web browser button and email,excel,word . This keyboard is the only keyboard I have ever bought myself more than once. Simply because the Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450 is must have for me, no matter where I am or what computer I am on. I have one at work, I have a Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450 at home. The Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450 at home is used for gaming and web design and the Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450 at work is for autodesk. Nothing like that scroll wheel on the left when you are using autodesk because zooming in and out all day will get tiresome if you are just using one finger. Now I can use both hands. The right hand is for fine tuning.

Microsoft Office Keyboard

If you can locate one at a fair price, I highly recommend you purchasing this keyboard. Even with this keyboard being more than 7 years old and off the shelves for 4, this keyboard far surpasses the replacement keyboard that Microsoft shoveled at us.(not everyone likes wireless keyboards).
One of the hidden gems about the Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450, is the application button. You can punch through all open running processes to switch processes in seconds without using other hand. Application buttons include a forward and a back button. Calculator, have you ever looked for the calculator on your computer? is that not the most annoying Search and Destroy mission you have ever been on? When you are in a hurry, it just does not click in your head where the calculator is.

Look this keyboard up on Amazon. Or ebay or Craig’s list or buy.com. The Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450 is a must have keyboard.

11 thoughts on Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450

  • Ivan 2011/06/25

    Thanks for review. Bought it today from a local flee market for $2 :D

  • TruXter 2011/06/25

    Oh that is murder. I bought my first one at Compusa for $80. got my second one a couple years later for $14. Now, you can’t find the keyboard for less than $100. Best damn keyboard IMHO..
    Oh hey…. what did you think of it this far ?

  • Josh 2011/07/19

    Bought one at a car boot for £1.50, the best keyboard I have ever owned!

  • TruXter 2011/07/19

    That huge scroll wheel was perfect, and very addictive.
    I have seen one keybpard come close. But thats because i gpt used to it.

  • Lightsttn1 2011/11/01

    Your scanner is giving the wrong information. I have a wired Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450. The RT9450 is a wired keyboard. Not wireless. Thank You

  • TruXter 2011/11/01

    What ?
    I know that keyboard is wired…. Where did I say it is wireless??
    I will gladly fix that.
    I can’t use wireless keyboards. because they die a stuttering death.

  • matteo 2011/11/24

    where can i buy one??

  • TruXter 2011/11/24

    wish i knew. its the best keyboard ever. i want to stock up and horde these things.

  • Wayne 2011/12/17

    I bought one at Goodwill for 4 bucks. Had it for two years. I always knew it felt great ergonomically, but I am just starting to understand some of the features. It really is an awesome keyboard.

  • TruXter 2011/12/17

    the drivers don’t work well with windows 7.
    for xp the best drivers are version 5 . they allow you to use more functions.

  • Qadeer 2012/02/25

    I need this keyboard driver (Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450)

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