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Cold Call Computer Scammers

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Cold Call Computer Scammers

Posted in : computers, safety on by : TruXter

There are people who are cold calling victims and telling them that they work for Microsoft and are detecting many errors. They get the victim to install software that allows them open access to the computer. compromising the computer.
The caller pretends to be from Microsoft and have detected issues from your computer.

Part 1

Part 2


a pretty cool one with a kid pwning the Fake Microsoft computer repair scam callers.

What I don’t get is that at the beginning of the call the caller says they are from Microsoft. but by the end of the call they do not say it again. I have been hoping one of you would get them to confirm it at the beginning of the video and again near the end before you download the software they are looking for you to install. I have not yet received this call.
Can’t help but wonder if the call is because you have your phone number listed on the internet publicly for some website somewhere.

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