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Comparing Grand Theft Auto Cheetah

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Comparing Grand Theft Auto Cheetah

Posted in : video game on by : TruXter

Comparing Grand Theft Auto Cheetahs with the new Cheetah that will be in GTA five

There have been many changes of the Grand Theft Auto Cheetah Car through the years.
The 1980s version from Vice City (gtaiii engine)was real with it’s time. Boxy and square and handling is bobbly and turns are sharp with limited circling abilities

The 2000s version From GTAiii Liberty City Smoother,sleeker with little definition for cleaner aerodynamics. is par for it’s time

The GTAIII San Andreas version of the Cheetah is much like the Vice City version of the Cheetah. I would assume since it was the 1990s, we can’t expect much change, even though that was when cars started getting more rounded in real life.

but the new Cheetah looks to be more of the modern muscle era.

All gta findings will be posted as they come up.

If you notice anything, please post below. and be the first to note this.

One thought on "Comparing Grand Theft Auto Cheetah"

  • Rurpahdurp 2012/08/21

    The old cheetahs were reminescent of ferrari testarossas, but the new one doesnt seem to look like any real car. Anyone have any idea what it migth be based on?

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