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Comparing Two Affiliate Programs To Adsense.

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Comparing Two Affiliate Programs To Adsense.

Posted in : income, money, review on by : TruXter

WidgetBucks – I gave the company a go to see what they can do for my income. I have to say. Not much. After two months of having them on my site, it showed no traffic, no clicks. Nothing. So I left it alone for a month or so longer. I increased the rate of my content, increased the value of my content. Waited the whole month and did not log in to watch my income there flat-line. after that month had passed I tried to log in, and it refused my email address and my password. Now i don’t want to make the assumption that they finally made a profit from me and banned my account or something, because the ads surely continued to update.

But after that I had to do a search in my self  constructed toolbar and found some scary results for the word “scam” So to be fair I had to do an alternative search in hopes of positive results. Seems there are plenty of results for both, so I am indecisive enough to say, I will not bother signing up again.

Crazy enough, I never got an email telling me I was banned or kicked out.

Google Adsense – for two years straight I made really amazing fantastic money. Adsense was the place for the little guy to go and make money doing online the things he loves doing. Exactly what I do. I was making a really good average. Never once would I game the system because the money was to good. I did them a favor by getting their ads out to the targeted public, and they did me great for making good ads that were relevant to the content I was writing about. Their contextual content is most reliable, and so correct in targetting markets related to site content.

They decide they are going to take over some buggy company that no virus scanner liked (no names sorry, check your history lol) and post some claim about the value of a click, and suddenly on I am seeing 1 cent for every ten dollars I used to see. I am seeing 1 person crawl my page in their tools area, while in my administration area of my website hosting service I am seeing over 200 people. They remind me of another advertising company that was sold a couple years ago, to some obscure brand, just before they got sued for  gaming their customers.

So i used google to see what that is all about . Here are the pros and here are the cons.  Probably not smart that I used google to do that search, maybe I should have used bing.

I think these final days of Google being top, has gone to their heads, they forgot the little guy. I have since removed myself from their services. It seems a tad bit fishy to me.

AdBrite– These people are everything  that adsense used to be. These people are everything that we used to wish Google was. They have page view counts identical to what my webhost shows. I love these guys and I do recommend you use them. They have a fair pay rate and they do what you need them to do.

Of all the companies I have tried through the past 16 years of internet content, adBrite is the number one choice for me today. Down side is it is a manual content set up, it’s not going to magically scan your page and know what ads to display, you have to select the topics. So a ranting website may change topics so often that the ads might not work well. One topic and it’s easy and aces.

but hey if you know something that compares or have an opinion on the subject that I or other readers of this site need to know, let us know, post it to us in the reply section down lower. it’s free and you do not have to create an account. I welcome comments and a difference of opinion.
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