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Tech and Video Game Help Forum Launched

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Tech and Video Game Help Forum Launched

Posted in : tech help on by : Game News

Tech and Video Game Help Forum Launched

If you are in search of a community to help with a tech or video game question, head over to iworkwithtech.com

The first member to give 100 posts will be given administrator position. Second Member to give 100 Posts will be given Moderator Position. You must notify one of the administrators when you achieve 100 non spammy posts. All posts must be relevant to their section and helpful to other users.

The community is created to be helpful for people in search of  answers, so if you are a geek like myself, feel free to join and  creat a few posts answering the questions you are sick of answering, that way when you get the questions again, you can just send the link to that person, and be done with the redundancy of it.

As the owner of http://truxtertech.com I found many questions coming to pages from people who just have a bad problem they need fixed. I do not have all of the answers, So many of the questions had to go unanswered. I decided to create a place for those with questions to go and post their questions with the chance of someone answering them for them. Since I had the domain name iworkwithtech, just laying around looking dead, I made this place.

There is a page to help people locate the latest bots tips tricks and cheats for myspace and facebook games. Game like  Mafia wars, Mobsters, street racer and the such. so it would be very helpful if you could post any links to anything you know of, because I get questions here about that stuff all the time. and well, I just do not know all of that yet. I will check all links for popups and spam and any malware that might be bundled in the downloads. So please use virscan to check all downloads first. I do not want to have to ban someone for being thoughtless.

I hope you join me in this quest to save the world from their hardware/software and stupid video game.. (lol)

Special Note for those interested.

First person to make 500 posts will get Administrator position and will be given space to post advertisements and receive 50%  of the p0rofits of the traffic to the site