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Ultimate Revenge On Spammers

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Ultimate Revenge On Spammers

Posted in : internet, news on by : TruXter

See I have been getting tons of spammers to all of my sites.
I added an I.P. Ban program to my WordPress Scripts and put up an awesome Ban message for the bots that crawl my page.
Bot Redirect
Basically it’s a page that says ” you are banned” and then below it has link that says “sign in/sign up” with a link that takes them to the “stop forum spam” you just type in the spammer’s name on that page and their email addrerss and a couple other items, this of course in theory may lead the bot to accidentally registering it’s self as a spammer. Prevents me from having to do all of the foot work.
I really wish those guys would design a page named “fake forum log in” or “fake blog in page” and set it to request all the exact same information that wordpress asks for, I would link directly to it and let the spammers log themselves in.
If anyone knows the people on that site, let them know.. Because i surely do not see the contact page.

Question, why in the heck do they all use a russian email account, yet the trace routes all show it’s Israel or Virginia.