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Conduit Toolbar Follow up

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Conduit Toolbar Follow up

Posted in : software on by : Tech Review Man

Well . I am done with them.

They stopped me at $49.41 (pay out is $50)

Gave me a story of how they now, only pay per install. Because that is how you show good quality… um no dude. quality is continued usage. you make money off the searches through Google using your toolbar, Share the wealth guy. A couple months ago they killed my other toolbar, the one I was migrating to. The truxter toolbar is no longer supported. They have stopped that one because not enough people downloaded it. Um.. wait.. so you stop the downloads because not enough people download it… You know what.. I am done with you guys all the way.

I know for a fact that ten people are in direct usage of the tool bar I snapped together through your a.d.d. farm.

I couldn’t find the spot to drop my account. You deal with it. There are so many curse words I want to fling right now. but I am not doing that.
So here, it is yours, do what you want.

For those who want to know what a 4 year old account on conduit looks like when you are not a spammer, scammer, or a person with malicious intent, here is what the pay out and respect looks like after 4 years of showing people a safe virus free version of their Garbage looks like. A guy that does not put up buttons on a page about some free software and leave a “download now” button for the tool bar right above the other free software on that page tricking people into installing the toolbar by accident instead. No. I left my toolbar with full explanation on pages about that toolbar, in banners. Not some bundled garbage with with weather bug and cool web search crap. The stuff that gives a toolbar bad names.. And this is the Thank you I get.

They have asked me to email them. Why? what’s there to achieve from an email? An excuse pre-planned or concocted from a mass of group thinkers. Screw that. I’m done.

Here all, have fun with the below..

Conduit Stats after 4 years

Latest Email from Daniel at Conduit.


This is Daniel from Conduit. I noticed you have followed up on your post in Truxtertech and I understand you are still unclear about how the toolbar revenue model works. First of all please let me assure you we do not deal with fraud or scams. Everything we do is perfectly legal and according to industry standards. Our purpose is to provide a free and safe environment for publishers to create toolbars which will then engage their users and increase traffic to their site.

The PPI program acts as an incentive for publishers to promote a useful and appealing toolbar. According to the program you will receive payment per each installation of the toolbar. This way we hope to encourage web publishers to get as many of their users to install the toolbar. The rate per each install is based on the performance of the toolbar. So a toolbar which has good components and generates usage by their users would get additional revenue. The purpose is not to only generate installs (which you mentioned as very simple), it’s also to engage your users with a successful toolbar. If I look at your example then; installing the toolbar on every computer you work on will generate you revenue, but it will lower your PPI rate so the revenue you will generate per toolbar might be very low. On the other hand, if many people install the toolbar and use if often, the revenue you will generate per toolbar will be much higher.

I hope this clarifies your concerns. As I mentioned in my previous email, I will be happy to work with you to get the most out of your toolbar. Please let me know.



This is his response to my post Conduit Toolbar Review – Affiliate

Wow. Hmm. I hope it didn’t take a whole crew to put that together and it’s okay to say that just one person wrote that email.

Seems I have to make my own toolbar so I can focus on my adsense account search. I spent so much time working on theirs.

and yes I know exactly how many computers I personally installed that stupid toolbar on.

Thanks conduit. Well the time wasted is equivalent to playing solitaire for  4 years. Hope you made plenty of money.

My son sent one out to a bunch of kids who installed his for a week then they all got tired of the game and uninstalled it. He made $75 in a week. I have been making users who keep the thing for years and they have not paid me yet. Oddly enough, I see these computers I work on, they still have the toolbar. but conduit shows that I only have 5 active users. hmm.

I repair computers, and any and every time I see one with some B/S toolbar on it, I install mine to assure that person will not have a virus. I know exactly how many installs I have made, and I know exactly how many users of my toolbar are out there (unless a few people downloaded themselves).

So if you are wondering if Conduit affiliate sucks, or if Conduit pays. I myself can’t answer that question for you. It is for you to decide.


I found on the conduit website people complaining about the conduit pay out. here. I don’t count on them leaving anything like this up much longer “we archived it”

I don’t agree with all or even most of the statements being made about payout being a scam. I surely do not agree with the clowns saying ” you are getting a website enhancement for free”. That’s just stupid. Who likes to see a button on a website that says ” click here to install” ? Who likes to see a big banner asking you to install a toolbar? That is not an enhancement. You are not being done a favor because you link people to software that has a search in it that leads to a greater income to Conduit. You are doing conduit a favor.

The least we can ask for is that conduit breaks us off a bit of the income we bring them by distributing their software. They don’t advertise in google because it would cost them money. So if they want to advertise their software on my site, then they darn sure better pay me. You want that space? rent it buddy. I want by default at least $50 a month for keeping your stupid link up. and for the people  that stay using my version of that toolbar, Conduit should pay me atleast 10% of the income that toolbar creats, for my efforts at trying to make a good toolbar that will not get uninstalled at any time. And that toolbar will continually get used for searches and what ever embedded items they draw revenue from.

They are not a group that just makes software for the fun of it.

So if you are wondering if Conduit toolbar actually pays, That decision is up to you

My two cents.

9 thoughts on Conduit Toolbar Follow up

  • TruXter 2010/10/19

    Fully Uninstalled all the way around on al computers I commonly come into contact with.

  • Dave 2011/03/22

    Nice post and to follow up to yours, I have had conduit installed on our gaming site for a couple years with their $100 free promo but you need to get to $250 in order to cash out, so you need to make $150 on your own. It took along time but with the regular users we hit $221 several months ago, it was then that I noticed we no longer were gaining a couple pennys or so a day but instead had all 0’s for income, I contacted them as you do and was also advised of the “new” policy of paying ONLY for installs, $29 short of the payout and they screw me, shame on you conduit.

  • TruXter 2011/03/22

    As I said. It seems they only care that people download it and install.. i wonder what would happen if you asked your people to uninstall it…. Then you go in and make some updates to surprise them with it totally updated. ;-).
    And then request they all re-install it??

    I mean…. not to game the system or nothing… but to see if they like it anyway..

  • Vikki Wells 2011/06/14

    How do I uninstall conduit. I installed it accidentally – not even sure where it came from, but it keeps poping up everytime I do something asking for my password. The box has this inscription on top: ct0001.conduit-adverts.com


  • TruXter 2011/06/14

    As much as I rant about hating their methods of payment.
    I do have to say that I trust conduit toolbars that come straight from Conduit’s website.
    There can be a chance you got a bad toolbar from someone’s website.
    Go into settings, and then control panel and then programs and find conduit in the list. Uninstall the toolbar from there.
    if you are using firefox goo tools,and then addons and remove it from there.
    If you are using chrome…. just uninstall chrome. That thing is a piece of junk.

  • Aldo 2011/09/26

    conduit toolbar is a BIG SCAM. Publishers, don’t hope to get paid with conduit by installing their toolbar to your site or blog cause it’s not gonna happen. once you almost reach your cash out amount, your toolbar will stop getting revenue no matter how active your toolbar is. I’ve been an affiliate since day 1. I’ve wasted so much time and effort with this Conduit Toolbar Company. It’s a BIG BIG SCAm. Conduit is a MONEY SUCKER!!!! These Monkeys are making huge money from their advertisers and never pay those POOR Website & Blog Owners who are burning their butts just to make a little extra money for the time spent installing and promoting their toolbar. They are bunch of liars….. BEWARE Publishers out there. Don’t be a fool like me. Don’t have them laugh at your face!!!!! They are a bunch of thieves……

  • Aldo 2011/09/26

    Daniel from Conduit……..so you’re here to clean up your mess huh? yeah….when you started your toolbar….you had lots and lots and lots of really cool promises. The revenue was very nice….the best….even though it was really a big stride to reach the payout amount. And then suddenly after years of waiting to reach the payout amount…you suddenly change whatever you need to change to your POLICY because of Such and Such Lies? Yeah…you are really brilliant to have such kind of strategy to get away from paying your POOR AFFILIATES but mind you…..we are not stupid ok? It’s all about strategy….. CONDUIT IS PLAYING DIRTY TARTICS…SCAMMERS!!!!! YOU REALLY MADE ME UPSET CONDUIT!!! IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY!!!

  • davidharper 2012/11/15

    how dare you xxx jerks put that piece of garbage on anybody’s computer. im glad you got screwed. i wish i could get my dhands on you punks. you cause people untold annoyance and i hope god punishes you. here ill hire you to install a program on computers you fix. it helps users remember their credit card numbers and passwords to their bank websites. tell them its trusted. ill pay you when you get to 50 schmucks

  • TruXter 2012/11/15

    Typically, I only would put that toolbar on computers that already had a toolbar on it.
    People who had a virus on their computer usually had the same toolbars every-time.
    Some weather toolbar, a yahoo toolbar and a coupon toolbar.
    I would strip those off their computers, install conduit, block the download sites (hosts file) for the other toolbars and use conduit’s tweaking tools to give the person the exact same tools they loved from the other 8 toolbars they had installed on their computers.
    The conduit toolbar, back in it’s day when it was worth installing, was fast and had tons of great tools.
    Now, it’s not worth downloading anymore.
    I have had more people these days tell me they got a virus from that thing. I can only assume it’s from the third party applications they have incorporated into it.
    I know for a fact that the toolbar in it’s time was a pretty safe tool. but now. Not so much.

    So IMHO .. F%^& Conduit, they don’t protect their users. They don’t protect people who promote their installations (installations that would last a lifetime as apposed to just install count) and they have reduced their number of applications and useability.

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