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Custom Lollipop Rom Testing – Videos

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Custom Lollipop Rom Testing – Videos

Posted in : android, phone, review on by : Charles Wilborn

***Note from site owner*** Be kind, this is a new writer for the site. He tests gadgets but doesn’t write much so this is kind of hard to follow***

Motorola moto g. I believe the original android version was Kitkat 4.3,
We will be testing 2 different versions of the same rom. Lolipop 5.0.2

1. Testing done on unlocked Motorola Moto G First Generation XT1031 from Boost Mobile Moto G quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
2. Similar performance to Kitkat.
3. Game play nice and fluid.
4. Bandwidth test same speeds as kitkat
5. the interface of Lollipop is different. a little nicer.
First test with this rom different version. believed to be Asian retail soak test Google play edition for a dual sim.
(Android 5.0.2)
More Information found on XDA Dev
The boot screens are black and say Google, and is from XDA Developers
First Attempt with Lolipop 5.02

The way the rom had to be flashed, I had to have a custom recover and put the zip file on the phone the boot into recover and flash the zip file through recovery

Second Attempt with Lolipop 5.02
SW Version: falcon_retbr-user 5.0.2 LXB22.46-28 28 release-keysMSM8626BP_1032.3105.93.00R
MBM Version: 41.18
Modem Version: MSM8626BP_1032.3105.93.00R
FSG Version: MSM8626BP_FSG_01.94.00R
Build Fingerprint: motorola/falcon_retbr/falcon_umts:5.0.2/LXB22.46-28/28:user/release-keys
System Version: 220.21.28.falcon_umts.Brasil.en.BR
Model number: Moto G
Android Version: 5.0.2
Baseband Version: MSM8626BP_1032.3105.93.00R
Build Number: LXB22.46-28
Build Date: Wed Jan 7 00:31:42 CST 2015
Subsidy Lock Config: None
Blur Version: Blur_Version.220.21.28.falcon_umts.Brasil.en.BR
Version when read from CPV: falcon_retbr-user 5.0.2 LXB22.46-28 28 release-keys

This version I had to find in Google and got the fourth link from the top on FileFactory

The performance of both of them seemed pretty much the same as kitkat 4.4.4 the interface was more fluid like or smoother it seems. Downloading apps was faster but installing apps was different, slower for some reason but that could be due to I wasn’t using a rom build for the exact model I have.

Phone is now bricked.

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