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Dasani Water and Parasites

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Dasani Water and Parasites

Posted in : facebook, rumor on by : TruXter

So we’ve ll seen the picture of the hand holding the translucent skinny fish looking thing with the caption saying something along the line of Coca~cola recalling Dasani bottled water due to contaminants.

You want to know if it is true or not.

Well it is false.

There are several known “false-news” websites promoting this rumor and several websites out there dedicated to busting lies that state many facts that destroy this rumor.

but you know facebook. “If I keep seeing it, then it must be true”.

All say this rumor about a parasite in dasani water is false.
Simple fact is you would see that eye in the water and the fish would die long before it gets to you because there is no new fresh to mix in the water.
This one comes up about as often as the “butt spider“.

Same thing with the butt spirder rumor. If you see a post on Facebook about the dasani water parasite, share this link in the comments.. At least you will know you did your part.

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