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Facebook Missing Person posts

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Facebook Missing Person posts

Posted in : internet, internet hoax, social network on by : TruXter

I have noticed that a lot of posts have been coming with missing person ads on them. and well there seems to be a misplaced etiquette issue going on.Sudden burst of missing person’s pictures showing up on Facebook. How can they be hurting the search with this?

See I do understand that some people want their child or wife or puppy back. It makes sense to go to the easiest venue for this.

Notice this picture says “yesterday” the teen age child has been missing a few hours and you post a photo of them as missing? With zero contact information on it? It says to call Midland police. but what country? What state? Should I run through every Midland in the world until I find one with a police station on 101? This seems fake. Though it might not be. It seems fake. Does it say who the concerned parent is? No. Leave a phone number for a police authority? No. There is a Midland in the state that I live in. but the guy sharing the picture, is in a whole other country well over 10 hours flight time away. So it might not even be from my state.

The guy sharing the image does not allow people to contact him directly. So … If I see her how would I contact you?
Did the owner of this Facebook account steal this image from a concerned parent who is sharing the image on their profile who does allow people to contact them? Why couldn’t the owner of this account just hit the share button instead of downloading the picture, then re-uploading the image as his own? Now there is no way to tell the parents directly.

If I was a concerned parent, I would want people to contact ME with any leads. I would contact the police. I would want them to call everyone, and I would leave them as much contact capability possible and make it as easy as I could for them.

I sometimes wonder if the people just make fake posts about missing persons to increase their Klout Scores. If so then this is low. If not, then someone needs to contact the parents and have them understand how to increase communication with possible witnesses.

On another note. It’s funny how people can pick apart anything anyone says, but Snopes seems to be the holy word of the wise.

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