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Facebook Contests are PR Scams

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Facebook Contests are PR Scams

Posted in : review on by : TruXter

These contests never have real life winners unless it’s junk that advertises their regular products. Shirts, hats, sweatbands.
These contests are created to get people to like their page, subscribe to their content and to harvest email addresses for news letters and later to be sold to spammers to fill your email box with junkmail.

This is the lowest form of spam. It’s an old form of spam also. Just with a social media twist.

It looks like a lot of these are put together by the same Pr group hired to “increase social media activity”.
Kind of like the search engine optimization companies who call you about increasing traffic to your website and making it easier to find in search engines… Um… how did they find your website to call you?

Well these winners do not exist. They are just members of the Social traffic companies hired to increase traffic to a company’s twitter and Facebook.

It’s time to move on from Facebook.

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