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New Version Same old thing Facebook Black Scam

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New Version Same old thing Facebook Black Scam

Posted in : facebook, notice, warning on by : TruXter


So. We all survived the tagging of friends and adding a link below that links to a site that steals your Facebook account password and makes a new post, with your account, tagging all of your friends. Sad thing is, you never know your account is compromised because all of your friends assume you know.
Well the latest one has respelled it’s self. instead of saying FACEBOOK BLACK, it now misspells Facebook and says Faecbook Black.

What the scammer is doing is getting your password and then seeing how many followers you have. at the same time, it spams out a picture that looks worthy of investigation and a link below it with very little information. This causes your friends who are now tagged in the image to say “what the heck is this, it must be good, my friend tagged me in it”. When the scammer finds an account with lots of followers, they will change the password to the account, and then post lots of spam . In the meantime all of the people who have clicked on the link, their profile is now clicking like on all of the scammer’s stolen profiles. The scammer then sells the account to the highest bidder saying “We can get you 5000 likes on Facebook”

So if you click any of those scam links, change your password quick. Post this link on that post (to warn others), Untag yourself from the image because all of your friends are now seeing that image. Go back to the friend’s account that tagged you in the image and message them to change their password and untag everyone from the image and then delete it.


Please let me know if you see a different version of this. Just use the comments section below.

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