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Fire Alarm Symbol Brushes For Gimp

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Fire Alarm Symbol Brushes For Gimp

Posted in : alarm, design, fire alarm on by : TruXter


As you may know I have been working on a fire alarm autocad template full of blocks and symbols to make my fire alarm design job a bit easier.
I also have been working on a fun side project. Fire Alarm Templates.

Sometimes I get floor plans in tiff or jpg format. When I do I have to lay that in as an xref and trace the walls. Well sometimes the bid is too low to do that efficiently and the company still make a profit. Sometimes there is just a need to get a quick device count for a bid. Well I came up with a way to get the symbols onto the tiff to send back to the customer.

To get these brushes for free, just download from here

Fire alarm Symbol Brushed for Gimp
And then place the brushes into this folder on your computer (with g.i.m.p. turned off)


Currently only works as the pencil mode brush. Scale it at size 10.

This has made take-off and bid tasks much faster and much easier. Except the fact that you have to eyeball the coverage. No tool as of just yet for measuring coverage. This will come eventually.
Use your best guess.


These symbol brushes are for general idea only, not for construction and not for permit use.

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