Foxit Reader How To Disable start Tab

Foxit Reader How to Disable start Tab


You get this? Right? Every time you open Foxit Reader. It opens some extra tab labeled “start” you ignore that tab so you can read your pdf. Then you close Foxit Reader and get this notice “Hey… you have another tab open dummy, do you really want to close both tabs?” as if you will lose everything… It’s a fricken pdf, you won’t lose anything.
Anyway, after about 10 or so times telling yourself “I can deal with it , it’s better than Adobe any day” you kind of get sick of that stupid little notice.
So you want to disable the start up tab in Foxit right?
The fix is pretty simple.

Open any PDF file with Foxit Reader. Once that opens, click on “File” in top left of your screen. When the menu comes up look near bottom of that menu and click on “preferences” should have two gears next to it, click that button.
Stopping the start tab on Foxit

Once you click that button, you will get a pop up window called “Preferences” should be in the middle of your screen. Look to the left side of that small window and you will see a rectangle with a menu inside of it.  Accessibility at the top, updater at the bottom.  Now look near dead center, Says “General” click that word. The “open page now” changed to the “General interface”.  Look at the bottom of that small window at “Application Start up” and you will see “Show start page” Uncheck that option. Click “Ok”, and you are done.

Fixing Foxit

Now close Foxit and open a PDF and test it out. Foxit should be fixed now.
Why in the heck was this a good idea?

On another note, i found where you can edit that page and make it say whatever you want to.

Want me to tell you how?  Comment below so I know it’s worth writing it up.

13 thoughts on “Foxit Reader How To Disable start Tab

  1. To get rid of that start tab I also had to disable “Show Advertisement”.


  2. Thanks a ton for this! The un-necessary “Start” tab was driving me nuts.


  3. Thanks for This, it’s Owsumm, that start tab is Really Annoying … :D


  4. Hi, thank you very much.

    Additional to the long text a short discription at the top would be nice, in the form of “Click ‘File > Preferences > General …'”


  5. Thanks for your help and wasting time cycling though every PDF file I opened


  6. You do understand that you do this once and exit from foxit and everything will stay for next time right?
    Meaning the problem is solved once you close foxit after doing the settings I stated.


  7. Thank you! The start-tab was really annoying!

    Feedback to your post: i had to read like 5 minutes or so even though it could have been explained within one single sentence.
    I think Ginko’s suggestion (“Additional to the long text a short discription at the top would be nice, in the form of “Click ‘File > Preferences > General …’””) is very good!


  8. It does it for the short focused, it is a fix but has an annoyance. The way I described is the cure.


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