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Fun With GIMP

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Fun With GIMP

Posted in : image on by : TruXter

I have been using The Gimp for several years now. I use it at work. Even though I  have photoshop on my work computer I still insist on using GIMP. Why? well because I have been broke for many years and am very used to using GIMP.

Well I have been watching one of my Facebook friends do a bunch of stuff with her Apple computer. She has been editing pictures using what ever program that thing uses and well it makes some of the complicated stuff quite easy. Then again she has never been the total newb so it might actually be hard. I don’t know.. I just assumed. =-\

Well I noticed she posted a photo that was unedited.


(she is a hottie so I am blurred her face as to not get stalked)

So I ripped it off and started digging into it to see what I could change.

Three stooges

I spent about 35-40 minutes editing :-)

(to the tune of pinball wizard ) That slightly colorblind kid, sure does a mean photo edit!

Addition of 15 more minutes editing

15 more minutes editing

Sometimes It’s best to leave “well enough” alone.

Do you know any cool aps to add to gimp?