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Fun Games For Android

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Fun Games For Android

Posted in : cell phone, cellphone, game, gaming on by : Tech Review Man

The ultimate games for killing time while waiting for other things while in locations that you normally would be bored in.

Of course that is how I explain the use of such application. You can’t just install one. One game is over fast and you are out of stamina and health and all that other stuff, long before you have a chance to actually do anything. So installing each of those games you actually get extra bonus points for the the others. It’s like 20 points. These points are the ones you trade for goods. In most game companies you have to buy those points. So this helps a bit.

All these games are free from the android Market

World War – build your armies and fight everyone that attacks you.

Vampires Live -build your vampire up and get a group of friends (the more friends the better) and get blood thirsty

Ninjas Live -build your ninja up and attack like crazy, defend like a mad man

iMobsters –  same as vampires but with a mobster theme.

Racing Live – build your car and get faster defense and wins.

Kingdoms Live – Same as world war but money comes slow.

There is a place to get codes for each of these games. Storm8 Codes.

So far storm8 is all I know of. If you have a game that you like that isn’t in the list, feel free to say it’s name here. I will try trhe game and add it to the list.