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The art of Grand Theft Auto Forum Trolls

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  11. The art of Grand Theft Auto Forum Trolls

The art of Grand Theft Auto Forum Trolls

Posted in : game, gaming, pc, video game on by : TruXter

The one is for gtaforums members

It’s just a way to admire the fancy amazing work of current Gen consoles.

For Consoles
The way they take weak machinery
sub-par graphics and do this amazing thing to show you how wonderful it is.
by blurring everything they don’t want you to look at you see “definition”

For PC
and then it will come for pc and you will see how great it is.
Then you sell your console for 1/10th it’s original cost.
You buy an overpriced computer with a mesh of “ultimate hardware”
You try to play the game and nothing works properly
so you join a forum and scream ” It should work I bought all of the best”
Never once considering you suck at building a machine and can’t create
a rig with parts that don’t bottleneck or conflict in actual specs and abilities.
So you scream the “game is teh suck.”
join the forum under 100 names and type with an accent (????)
and try and get help while bashing the game.
and we must not forget to claim MEMORY LEAK