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GIMP 2.8 Angry Review

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Image Editing Software for free

GIMP 2.8 Angry Review

Posted in : software, upgrade on by : Tech Review Man

Image Editing Software for freeGimp, the Gnu Image Manipulation Program.
The software I have considered the alternative to Photoshop, for many years.
I have Gimp and Photoshop on my home and my work computer. I have always considered gimp the superior, just because of how fast and simple it is to find what you are looking for, the huge list of file types you can save images as.
Gimp has released an update. 2.8
There have been many changes with 2.8. U have to say; I am not happy with any of the changes.

You will not catch me updating any more of my computers with it.
The clone tool, there is no slider anymore for adjusting brush size, It’s now about pressure. Why is pressure, not a new addition, instead of a replacement?
I now have to export my images, instead of saving them.
What happened to antialiasing ? why do my images look so grainy now?
Why is Gimp slaughtering my computer?
I need to find an install of 2.6 and I will just block the gimp website in my hosts file so I never forget and accidentally try and “upgrade” again. EVER!I have found on the “Old Apps” website they list Gimp 2.6.7

The look of Gimp 2.8 is plain by today’s standards. Not worth installing. and functionality is may as well be one button, with acid on it.

I know.. It’s free, but it’s also as useless as rock. and that’s free too.

This goes for 2.8 and 2.8.2