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GTA V on PC? How Soon?

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GTA V on PC? How Soon?

Posted in : game, gaming, gta, rumor, video game on by : TruXter

The question on all pc gamers minds is “Will GTAV make it to pc gaming?”.
Experienced pc gamers who have been playing Grand Theft Auto games from the beginning on pc, know for fact that GTAV will come 6-7 months after the release of the console version. as seen in this poll of what platform GTAV should come on.
GTA always does.

but if you are in need of some comfort. Here Is proof of the platforms that GTAV will be seen on. of course since that page was created, Rockstar has taken down the pc version. but there is now a blank spot which is all I have to give you with that.

but of course there are a handful of console gamers out there running their usual slag, bragging and bashing pc gamers.
Me responding to some clown on Facebook about pc gamers are butthurt and full of excuses why they’re not hissy fitting about GTAV on pc yet.

nope not buthurt. Just waiting
We know you console tards are going to brag and run spoilers for the next few months.
and then come April, you will see the graphics are better, handling is more realistic and audio is better.

You will have just sold your 360 for the new whatever.. but now will sell your “next gen” console for merely $100 so you can have a few more bucks for ram to upgrade your piece of s4!t computer.

Your computer will lag and freeze and you will cry “memory leak in GTA V” just as you have done for years.

Then you will take your Newb tard @$$ and your “most techy friend” up to frys and buy “the best of everything” and never once consider the capabilities of each component.. and again your peice of s41t will lag and freeze and you will scream “MEMORY LEAK DAMN IT!! LISTEN TO ME” …. and your cries will fade as the pc gamers will ignore you and continue enjoying the game

The way it was meant to be

you are a guinea pig and getting the beta version.

For years, Rockstar games has released GTA on console first, then worked like mad scientist cobbler elves to make a ppc version of GTA.
Last release of a Grand Theft Auto game was rough, because lots of newbs couldn’t build a GTA computer. and many more couldn’t make their current computer play the game.

Hold tight pc gamers. Grand Theft Auto Five will come to computers


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