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Old Media News and Social Networks

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Old Media News and Social Networks

Posted in : social network on by : TruXter

Old school news sources have consumed the social networks

When the news tells you what is currently trending on twitter. Check the sources.  Go to the trend page and see what the majority of the accounts that started posting (within the past couple hours)are. See if they are account bots. Programs that are created to post the same or a variation of maybe 4 different phrases, and then change to another bot account and make a same or similar post.
Of course it’s twitter and every “jet set” hipster will run to twitter and see this beginning¬† to trend, and they will make nonsense posts that they (the hipsters) feel relate to the topic and will post something about it for the laughs and popularity of being first.
but seriously people. quit letting old media tell you what is cool or popular.

Don’t trust reddit either. Same crap goes on there too.

They figured out how everyone chats on them. They brought in teams of people who have spent years on these sites and use it to manipulate trends with 100’s of accounts per intern/employee. These people are people who have been using those sites since they were kids, working for people who never actually had the time to study them. Sad part is, these kids will never get the job, because they need new fresh brains each year.