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How Reddit is Manipulated

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How Reddit is Manipulated

Posted in : chat, reddit, social network on by : TruXter

Reddit was a nice place full of what we considered opened minded people with open minded plans.
From time to time you could see a stubborn side to Reddit. When a group of people are on the wrong path with a story and if someone points logical answers to their slight misunderstanding, that person would most likely get downvoted and not seen. Of course their logic is not needed here.

This can be manipulated.
Like say, if you comment about a company that has a team of employees who scour Reddit ready to downvote any negativity mentioned about their workplace. Great for them right? The place they work doesn’t go out of business and they keep their job. but the sad fact is, if you are posting about a wrong doing from that company, your post will never be seen. And you will not be able to send out the first alert about a bad company.

Example 1:
If you comment anything negative about Comcast or Xfinity, you will get downvoted and disappear within mere minutes.
Here is an Ex-employee of Comcast trying to do an AMA (ask me anything)
Poor installation from Comcast. Compare the upvotes to the downvotes on the right
How to get even with Comcast
Caught injecting code in User’s traffic.
Caught throttling bandwidth for hulu and netflix. at least 7400 accounts downvoting this.
a Spoof account doing it for jokes but sets the idea that it can be done (read the comment after) Here’s his account how he hunts out Comcast posts to joke on them.
If you ask me how Comcast can do this… Well they have an endless number of I.P. addresses. use your imagination.

Example 2: If you create an original post that is worth being seen, either for humor or for art, if someone is logged on and has more than one account and each account is on a separate computer, using either some proxy service or some anonymizer type program, they could then downvote any and every post that isn’t their product they want seen, using every account they have and running down the list in the “new” section. and then turn and upvote their own and leave witty quips on their comments section, it looks 100% legit.
Sad part is, that Reddit is full of people looking for someone to relate to. and they all know that it is easier to survive that place if you go along with the crowd. No one but the new people will ever agree with you.

Here is an example of that happening
Screenshot of anyone speaking about the post… which is a video posted to YouTube in 2008

So in sum, if you do not speak great of the product, DOWNVOTE!. if you speak bad of the product DOWNVOTE!
If a person wants their product seen, they downvotes anything in the new section, and upvote their own. To ensure it works the way they want, they use lots of accounts to do this.

It’s a great way to push a product on you using the old means of television advertisements. “Everyone wants one, everyone’s buying these, you should to”. except now, you kind of get confirmation (as far as you know) that this statement is true.

Reddit is gamed.

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