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How to Change the Printhead for Canon IPF710

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How to Change the Printhead for Canon IPF710

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Canon Image  Prograph 710. Prints a nice fine colorful line, Excellent for design in  computer aided drafting.
It seems the printhead has an exact life predetermined. As if there is an exact number of prints it is allowed  before you have to pay your plotter dues. What I mean is, this head goes out pretty often. about once every two years where I work.
Today I got the  fine duty of removing and replacing this printhead.
So I took pictures along the way and decided I would post a “How to” for those who might want to see the process.
Fairly simple printhead to replace.

Before anything, on eyour Image  Prograph 710 (ipf710) go to the menu, and go to maintenance.
1. Select the option that says “replace printhead”.
The plotter will make a few sounds and put up a warning on the screen saying it is busy.
What plotter  is doing, is evacuating all of the ink in the printhead so you don’t make a mess and or mess up the plotter with an ink spill.
This  took about 3-5 minutes.
2.  When the  plotter has completed dumping the ink out of the printhead, you should hear some beeps and the screen will now tell you to unlock and  lift the large front  cover.
3.  The printhead carriage will now be in the center (or close enough that you can access the printhead) and the screen should be prompting you to open the  carriage cover.  Do that, it lifts from the front to the back. It’s about 3″x5 “.

carriage cover

4. Inside you will there is another locking mechanism, likely the same color. Lift that one also, it should lift from  back to the front. More like a locking arm.

Arm Lock

5.You should then find yet another locking mechanism,  likely the same color, it should lift from front to back.
When you lift this one, you should feel a click, that’s the printhead being released and slightly pushed up and outward. No more than an 8th of an inch though.

Last Lock

6. Now is a good time to put on a glove. There may be some ink.  Ours was quite clean.    Now reach in and grip the printhead tight and pull upward. Should not need much force. Be careful. Many breakable  parts in this area that can cost you plenty of downtime.

PF-03 printhead

This is what it looks like from the side Look at the image closely and look at the image above for orientation.
Put the old printhead in a bag  for  recycling. Or save it.
7. Now unbox and unbag the new print head and take the  safety covers off.

Now just reverse what you  just did, but with  new printhead.

Once everything is back together, the printer will  fill the new printhead with ink and begin testing and calibrating. This takes several minutes 10-15 minutes.

Once the calibration is complete, check the printout for anything that looks jagged or like ink blobs. If anything looks out of the ordinary, you may want to run to the menu and see if you can calibrate it again, or run the  head cleaner mode.
Mine was fine so I walked around the office with the calibration results telling everyone I have created a bar graph but couldn’t remember what it was for.
Just to see their frustration about wasted time and ink.
If you came here for drivers or manuals and made it this far, Here’s a link   .

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