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How to Create Blocks in Autocad

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How to Create Blocks in Autocad

Posted in : autocad, cad, how to, howto on by : TruXter

Let’s start with creating  a simple block for this post.
Creating a block is a good way to to lock a set of items in one place to prevent deletion of useful items during editing. creating a block is also useful if you want to use that same block multiple times and call that item back up again with the quickest methods.

First you have to draw the item you want to be in a block.

Once the item is drawn, you can now highlight the item you just drew in cad, and then either right click and select “paste as block” or if you are on a newer version of autocad, you have to turn on the menu at the top of the window . once the menu is activated in Autocad, select “edit” in the droop down menu you will see “paste as block” select “paste as block”

You have now created a block.

Now double click that block. and you will see  block editor open. The block will be highlighted in the list of blocks. The name should be random alphanumeric and symbols.

Let’s name that block something you can remember.
Now at the top of that list there should be a space you can type in. The blocks name will be in that spot. Go ahead and copy that name and close the block editor.
Now in the command area type “rename” a new window should pop open.

In the area that says “Old Name” paste in the name you copied, or you can scroll down the list of blocks on the right until you see the name of the block you want to rename. In the field below “Old Name” simply type in the new name of the block and press “Ok”.

You have now created and renamed a block in autocad.

you can easily call the item up with the “Insert command” or just type “i” and press enter.

Please let me know if this was informative enough, or simple enough or not.

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