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How To Disable Updates Windows 10

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How To Disable Updates Windows 10

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Typically you want windows update to always be on and automatic.
But in the tech world of a serviceman who installs devices that depend on windows functions to not change much, an update could lead to the obsoletion of your device. This makes your product no longer work with windows ten. all you can do at that point is either uninstall the latest update and hope that windows sends a better update that fixes the issue. With windows ten, the updates happen often and without your control.

Here’s the only method I have to disable updates on windows 10 to prevent updates from disabling your external devices.
dissable_windows_update (1) Open Control panel
To do this, right click your start menu button or go to your folder browser, then in the address bar of the folder browser type in “control Panel” and press enter.

dissable_windows_update (2)Change Category View to small Icons.
Top right corner of control panel is a drop down menu like what you see in the picture here.

dissable_windows_update (3) open Administrative Tools.
Your control panel icons should be in alphabetic order. Administrative tools is the top left – first icon.

dissable_windows_update (4) Open Services

dissable_windows_update (5) Organize list by name

dissable_windows_update (7) Right click on windows update and select properties

dissable_windows_update (10) Disable start up by clicking the drop down menu by “Start up type” now click “Stop” and click “apply” then “Ok”. I like to set mine to start up type “manual” so I don’t have to go through a whole lot if I want to do a quick update. That’s up to you.

This should disable windows updates on Windows 10

To verify the updates are disabled
dissable_windows_update (12) Head to start menu and click on Settings
dissable_windows_update (13) Click on Update & Security

Now try to do an update.


This How-to seems to stop all updates, manual updates and automatic updates. So far I haven’t had any issues, but you may so be careful and make sure you know how to reverse this (likely do exact steps but backward) before you try and disable windows 10 updates.

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