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How to Win Myspace Mobster Game

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How to Win Myspace Mobster Game

Posted in : game, internet, online on by : TruXter

I took the time to actually try the game. I was a bit scared to try it, seeing how it looks like one of the 900000000 bad links you will get on that site.
So I tried the game. The game really is hard at first, because the only explanation is the FAQ page. An FAQ that was written before the game was released. Um I have an issue with companies that do that. How can it be frequently asked questions, if no one has yet had a chance to ask them? Should be pdaq, pre-determined askable questions.. or simply tqwwta “The Questions We Want To Answer”. See they leave no place ( That I could find) to get more information.

First few levels, attack only tycoons.

Well for those of you who are like me and needed answers ( that I never found) then I have what you need.
For starts , get a friend to join your mob,Join every mob you are invited to, the more the people the better your fight. now the cool thing is, when you look at someone’s profile before you decide to attack them or not, it only shows little pictures of the weapons they have. The game does not show how many of each weapon, nor does it show whether they have a bullet proof vest or not. So for safeties sake get at least two vests for every three people in your mob. Now the fun trick to get easy experience is to buy the same gun for every member you have in your mob. Why? well simple, when a person looks at your profile they will see that you have like say five members, one pistol and one crowbar. In actuality you have five pistols and one crowbar. it’s an easy kill. now just focus on your attack strength. Because really your defense is amazing at this point. Because you have stuff they do not expect.
but of course don’t buy the pistols only, buy the uzi. One uzi for each member.

Never get rid of the stuff you actually need, like the crowbar and the 38 special.
Buy some land and then buy a building. Now don’t waste your money on healing yourself. if you wait long enough for you to heal on your own, you will bring in a mess load of money before you level up again. You really do not want to level up while you are broke. It’s harder to save your life if you can’t afford to. Let your money get really high and now buy bigger property so you can get more money faster. Don’t forget to hurry and shovel your cash into the bank so no one mugs you while you are afk (away from keyboard). Try an picture being a level five with two properties, 7 members and 7 oozies a crowbar and a shot gun and an El Camino (so you can do most of the missions). Don’t do the missions just yet, just sit on the current stats until you have enough money to steadily heal yourself for a good ten minutes of solid fighting. when the money runs out and you have no health left and your mob is in the hospital, start nailing out the missions. As you can now level up, and select where you to dump your skill points, plug them all into the energy.
once the money is out and all your energy is used on gaining points, go to the godfather and trade in your Favor points, heal yourself and fight till that money is gone.
Now log out and do not get in a fight or do a mission until tomorrow. Through out that time, log in each chance you get and stuff your money into your bank account.Now that it is the next day, buy more property.
You should be around level 9 or so. Don’t get excited, you will not get anything special for level 10 as you did with level 5.one more day to maintain.. On that third day after the day of battles and missions, you now have around 900 grand, do all the missions that your 21 energy lets you do. chunk all that money in the bank. As soon as you are done with the missions and the bank, go and fight until you are in the hospital, run to the bank yank out all of your money and go buy the plaza.
When you get that far, come back and message me. I will tell you what to do next.. i just want to know I am not writing this into the wind.

if you are an adult (21+    add me   myspace.com/truxter   and invite me.

After you accumulate alot of mobsters on your team, after you have loads of property and weapons, when you finally start getting more money than you can spend. You can now heal yourself. But only heal yourself when it’s time for pay out, for your properties.  When you are healed at that moment, fihgt as many people as you can, you will see that the pay out will actually be better now than the cost of the hospital fee. The game is now much more fun.

On that note, be there when it’s pay out  time. Shovel your money into your bank account asap. Because you are not the only person with this idea.

as soon as the money is shoveled into your account, heal yourself, trust me they are beating your door down to get your pay out money. As fast as you can get your money in your account, go fight and heal and fight. you have the max of two maybe three minutes before everyone is out of money or dead. if you must, fight till you are hospitalized, then do missions, you are safe when you are in the hospital.

level 40 +

Now buy the vehicles, one for each member in your group, the better the stats on the vehicle, the better your fighting odds are. But remember maintenance is high. it can break you.

Now shovel your money into your account and  go find something to do till next pay out.

You do not need favor points. Remember, the game was designed to serve advertisements.

If you want to discuss this topic, bring it here or just post here.

If you just want to pass around ideas and tips and hit lists with friends , post it there.

6 thoughts on How to Win Myspace Mobster Game

  • Chelsie 2008/07/18

    We’re on level 16 and just now thinking to google this game. So we didn’t know to do things the way you stated. We have ak-47s, .38 specials, uzi’s, beretta’s, shotguns, crowbar, bat, the cars we have are the bently’s, and the escalade, and el camino. we have a couple of townhomes, resturant, & an empty storefront. we only have 11 people in our mob, our energy is 20, stamina is 10, health 130, and we have money. What would you suggest we do now and thankyou for the tips so far even though we thought a little to late! :)

  • TruXter 2008/07/18

    Actually, you are doing very well.
    If you get one or two of the miniguns (two because it looks like you only have one), It will end up costing you for upkeep, upkeep is 1500 per gun each time you get paid.

    That kind of sucks. but really you need them.
    Get a bullet proof vest for each person in your mob
    Get enough property to make more money than you have to spend in upkeep. remember, each time you buy property, the cost goes up. not sure but i think it’s 500 each time on the little lot, 1000 on the next size up and so on. or it may be 500 all the way around (don’t count on it lol).
    You need a weapon for each person in your group.
    The better the choice of weapon for each person, the better.
    log in
    do missions till you have no more energy,
    do fights till you hit the hospital
    chunk money in bank.
    log out.
    Never, Ever pay for a visit to the Hospital again.

    Unless you have nothing to buy,and tons of cash just rolling in.

  • Chelsie 2008/07/19

    Thanks a million!! I’m sure I’ll return with more ?s. :)

  • rosa 2008/08/11

    Hi How do you trade in your favor points?

  • TruXter 2008/08/12

    You have to have 10/20 or greater but it counts by tens. on the points, so if you only have 9, you can not trade them in.

    Click on “god father” and then when the page changes look for one of the rectangles that say “Accept for 10 points!”

    If you do not have enough it will say
    You don’t have enough points to claim this reward. Earn points by completing offers below.

    Good luck.

  • boom 2008/09/12

    are there really cheat codes for mobsters

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