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I.P. List of Spammers

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I.P. List of Spammers

Posted in : review on by : Tips Of Tech

Maybe not all of these are spammers, but Akismet seems to think that all of these are spammers. I use “WP-Ban” to ban these ip addresses simply because I am sick of the types of spam they send.
I see a list of failed attempts to come back to my sites and post again. 5,438
Total Attempts: 10,125 Reset all IP ban stats and total ban stat?
I reset the count back in April .
I don’t have the heart in me to call them all spammers. I am sure some of these i.p. addresses are Hijacked computers from some botnet spamming group. but I have to ban them because they just do not stop attacking my comments area with spam.

I just really do not see how some of the big websites can deal with spam on the levels they must be dealing with it. We have a very low Google rank at TruXterTech. I mean our name is “Budget Tech Review” not ” The hot spot for everything tech” even though we try to be. We just cover the simple cheap products, hardware and software. This by no means should be an invite to spammers. We do however request human comments on TruXterTech.com . We like to see other people’s opinions.

Is there a way to just stop this entirely? A couple years ago they created some law that nailed spammers for email spam. Why is there not someway of nailing these people who run spam bots across everyone’s website continually hitting the sites with spam ?
The search engine that creates a linking system that filters out spam programs (by crashing their computer) Will be the search engine of my choice.
if we could only still write scripts that crash bots in our websites, that would be a favorable idea. but in crashing spam bots, you stand a chance of crashing Google bot or some other webspider.

I do however have a redirect page for spammers that make the list. In the redirect there is a link to “add comment” and that link sends the spammer to some website that logs spammers and ads them to a list.

if anyone has a better method. Let me know. and yes I weed out the spam.