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Adbrite Vs Adsense 1 Year

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Adbrite Vs Adsense 1 Year

Posted in : advertisement, review on by : Tech Review Man

Well all. It has been a year since our post about switching to Adbrite and dropping Adsense. ( We dropped Widget bucks fast)
We didn’t drop Adsense because shortly after that claim, our revenue dropped traumatically.
It is true, you never let people know you are being taken advantage of.
We took some tips from a site about Adsense and posted them.

Adsense report for one year

Adsense Results 1 year

And now the comparison

Adbrite report for one year

Adbrite Results 1 yr

It seems there is no pay out for people doing searches on the Google searcher. Or at least the pay out is not what we expected.

Google’s pay has dropped (from the way this looks). A Website that made just over $100 a year, split into 7 websites and took on 5 more writers, now only makes $17 year. We have to assume that the current crunch is also on Google. That $100 Was paying for the domain storage. but now, it does not look like this will be much fun any longer.
We are considering a bit of a change though. We are looking of stripping Adbrite from all of the sites except for one, and putting another Adsense ad code in their spot. It will have to be a bit of a slow change so we can monitor the activity. If the change does not go fast enough, then the opportunity of Google Adsense having contextual related ads could be missed. That’s one thing for certain about Adsense. Is the contextual advertisements are spot on. Adbrite is only close if you select the ads yourself. and well, close is not good enough. Close ads are not showing the readers what they may be interested in.
So now we will see what adsense alone does in 6 out of seven website.

See you all next year.

Oh and fyi, the $17 you see in ads revenue was just one site with 1 adsense ad on it. And the adbrite $4.5 is across 5 websites in three spots. per site. Clearly adsense is the better choice here.

Here’s an update to what my adsense account is doing. I think it’s just broke. I know I’m broke.

7 thoughts on Adbrite Vs Adsense 1 Year

  • JJ 2010/12/07

    Nice article but I have had Google AdSense three times now and each time they have banned me for no reason, not even fraudulent activity, just said I no longer had access to my services. All different sites, all with YouTube, with a few dozen videos and over a million views and about 1000 unique visitors a day on the site and they continually ban me and will never respond to me and literally thousands of dollars down the drain too bad so sad. They banned every Google service I had except Gmail. And I was hooked on Google Apps baby, hooked.

    I still use Google Analytics and a bunch of other tools but I run perfectly honest websites with fresh fresh content and they burned me without any cause or rhyme or reason and after 3 years have still not heard from the bastards. I actually decided to try them again recently for one of my new sites that is getting about 300-500 unique visitors a day after two weeks of working on it. I decide to put on the AdSense. I get up to about $80 in the a little over a week and BAM cancel my account and can no longer access it. I only asked Google for a reason so I could prevent it from happening again and those smug bastards never even emailed me back a notice email saying there computer received my message. They wont be around forever and when AdSense dies I will burn and piss on it’s ashes. I then had planned to take Google to small claims court and researched a number of very succesful cases that Google has lost in court, go ‘Google’ it yourself, ah yes the irony doesn’t pass me.

    Anyways, not sure if its because Im Canadian but the lack of support or explanation is too disheartening to ever try again. Have switched to AdBrite and honestly found a much better service with higher rates for CPM and Clicks for my sites.

    AdBrite rocks, AdSense should be burned in hell. Also AdBrite has so many options to play with you can custom that up and even sell your own ad campaigns.

  • TruXter 2010/12/07

    What the heck is the trick?
    My issue is the advertisements on adbrite have nothing to do with my site, and I manually pick the ads. It seems the ones I pick never get displayed. Like the other day, It was jewelry across all 8 of my websites. (oh and yeah I am giving them another shot.)
    I sure wish the advertisers that click my stuff would actually read what my I put as my keywords.It seems they don’t. Any tips you have would be much appreciated.

  • adbrite 2011/11/09

    Sorry but adbrite sucks.
    Three years and I got paid $16. my account has 25 cents in it and just sits there dead. meanwhile I have been paid out by every other affiliate company, at least twice now by each one, and the pay out for those sites is at $100 each. So … yeah.. adbrite is not worth teh time it takes to embed their code in your site.

  • yuppie 2012/01/23

    when it comes to cpc, there is no adsense alternative

  • akumie 2012/03/05

    I hate that most sites want money before they will help your site make money but I am not stupid so I only do stuff that is free

    Adbite: What I hear you make little money but will ad many ads here and there and see

    AdSense: Banned me for no reason, over 6 month and they never responded, ads that showed up had nothing to do with any of my sites…

    Bravenet affiliate: Just sucks considering they want people to become a member on a site and then stay on the site for over a week (be active on the site) before you make any money

    Cashcrate: No surveys if you live in many countries like my country of Sweden though you can still make money by reffering people threw your cashcreate site

    Amazon affiliate: You can add the product you want to your site (a product ad that actually fits the content of your site) but considering getting people to click on your ads is one thing but to actually enter your Amazon link and buy things is another story so overall this method wont make you much in the long run

    I do know you need to look around and try and find the best affiliate programs to fit your site but even so getting views on a site you made is really really hard

  • valcs 2012/03/08

    @akumie The same happened to me with adsense. it is interesting that they discovered the “problem” after I wanted to cash in my 80 EUR after 7 years of advertising on my servers. Pathetic! Do no evil right?

  • just me 2012/07/27


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