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Internet Musts Sites of 2009

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Internet Musts Sites of 2009

Posted in : entertainment, internet on by : TruXter

There seems to be endless websites ion the internet so i have not judged them all, i can not say that my “must have” list is the be all end all list. It is however, the list I use. So I am pretty much giving you my bookmarks.

FaceBook a Place to….. hmm .. I have no idea what it’s good for. but I keep going back… you can’t meet people there. so you can’t really call it a social network. it’s more like a place to  add real friends that you already have, and then nothing… you are done. you can kinda go away now.

Myspace Used to be a great place to meet women, now it’s a place to play video games.

Twitter This place has so much potential, but really it is a place to get nailed with garbage.. but add local bands there and bam, you’re golden.

PcPitstop I go here to benchmark all computers before I repair or upgrade them, and then I benchmark after. To see a performance change.

Playlist The site I head to when i can’t remember a song, or when it is stuck in my head.

live365 What I listen to while at work.

Hulu Internet TV. to watch stuff you missed on Monday.. Kinda fumbly and awkward.

Joost a place to watch … well nothing really. Kinda dead now… Needs Trailer Park Boys.

Cnet Also known as Download.Com. Safest place to get downloads from. But be carefull, the advertisers there make stheir ads all say “download now” hoping to bait people who don’t fully read a page while getting a download.. Kind of crooked. Since they have enough volume they could prevent everyone from downloading spam filled files because they clicked some stupid advertisement.

The Jobacle Podcast Blog The podcast is great. Very motivational. Influenced my job search site

Of course there is Nvidia so I can get back up after  windows eats my  lunch and leaves me formatting.