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Fire Alarm Cad Template

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Fire Alarm Cad Template

Posted in : computer, design, fire alarm, tech on by : TruXter


(Give me a like on a social site or share this with a friend, I don’t have a 2000 pr team, it’s just me here)
I have been working on a template in autodesk for a year or so, trying to eliminate all issues. I have not yet prevented everything that I may encounter, but I have reduced the amount of issues that can come. So no this is not a perfect download. It is how ever as close as I have come this far. Fire Alarm Legend and Title Block is now for sale only. There are tons of websites that help you get the Symbols for you legend and there are many sites that give you fire alarm sprinkler addons for autodesk autocad. There is very little for fire alarm. So it is a rough start.

Most of this is my own work, but much of this is what I have gathered around the internet doing searches In Google and Bing and Yahoo and Ask. There just was not enough out there for me to get the job done. What you see there in Layout view is nothing compared to what is going on  in Model. Everything you see there is through view ports. All of my view ports are built to scale.

The trick is to drop all images into the square above the  title-block  and then scale it so that it prints out to scale. there is a second view port in layout view that opens to that location.

If you are in need of this whole Fire Alarm DWG file, let me know I will set it up for upload and message you when it is ready.

There is a huge original version of this, so what you are seeing in those two pdf files would be the light weight trimmed down most used items version. There is a huge one with everything I can possibly use, that would look like a train wreck though.

I have the cad file listed for sale. I will be emailing the DWG DWT file to every person who pays for it.

All prices are marked and made easy.  Major credit cards and paypal are welcome, If you require any other method of payment, use the contact form on that page.
Simply because I would prefer to sell the thing for at a lower price for the basic and limited tools.
There is a full version with full tools and all addons to make it easier to complete your fire alarm
design in cad. Oh and the one I had here on the site, Is about 10 versions old.
The new one has a few Candelas tools in it already and many block features that most people do not even know
This Template comes with a my personal created method to measure Candelas , Smoke coverage, a battery calculation addon that I created, Blocks for every device to me inserted, and instruction manual with short cut codes for calling the block.
This Fire Alarm Template has everything I use on a daily basis and will shorten your design time, reduce room for error and simplify fire alarm design so much that you can give someone a computer with this template and they will be designing fire alarm systems like a pro, as they read the “HowTo” file.
So Simple, even your boss can use this .DWT file.
If you want a copy just reply with a comment, all messages here are filtered so they will not post till I approve them.
All personal information will not be shown here.

**update** This post is 4 years old. There have been many updates to the fire alarm template. It is no longer free. I have listed it for sale. The update to this is located here Fire Alarm Design Made easy

(Here is the 2014 version of the fire alarm template)
and here is the fire alarm template version from 2015 (Videos showing function) <– NEW
Also please notice I added a fire sprinkler template and an access control template with symbols.

12 thoughts on Fire Alarm Cad Template

  • Sean Pruitt 2010/03/24

    i see this is in .pdf file format. can i get it in .dxf or .dwg ?

  • truxter 2010/07/19

    I don’t know if it is legal to distribute the dwg.

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  • TruXter 2011/09/30

    If anyone thinks the price is to high. Let me know what sounds decent.

  • W M Seto 2012/03/26

    Looking for help on producing a design drawing for a fire alarm and detection system for a small commercial residential building. This drawing is to be submitted for an installation permit from the city with Sebsection 3.2.4. of the Ontario Building code.
    Any help or recommendation is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

  • TruXter 2012/03/27

    I would probably suggest you use an outsourcing website and search for someone local. Many but not all, of your codes in your area will be different from the area I am in so my licensing would be useless there. The person who signs that drawing will have to be certified to do so.

    What I offer here is just template file that has stamp,address,legend, and a few tools used for measuring candella coverage and smoke array.

    It in no one is implied to make your drawings pass, but I will say that it will make your drawings a bit easier and presentable.

  • John 2012/05/04

    Hi; Can you provide a PDF image of the file or a complete list of all that you have included with the full version.
    I’m assuming that the model has more than just a title block layout tab – right?
    What about the candela feature you mention???
    Thanks, John

  • TruXter 2012/05/04

    As far as putting up a pdf, I had a one back when this was in it’s infant stage. but now, with everything I have in it, it would really serve no justice. So much in this now, depends on blocks and layers and most of what is available isn’t even seen anymore. The blocks are named by me so posting out there cd15v wouldn’t tell you if that is the labeled candela array or the digits that signify 15 candela.
    Now the candela feature I mention is really just something I made to measure the “Proposed coverage” of strobe type devices per candela.

    I must advise, this does not guarantee that a person will pass anything just because they use it. It’s assembled pretty simple. This .dwt file is just something to start with for people who have nothing to start from. I had nothing when I came into this and would have liked to have had something like this so, this is what I finally made it to after 4 years.

    This Template is nothing similar to MEPcad’s Fire Alarm cad. Now that is an awesome software. But just way out of my budget. And this is nowhere near the cost of it either.

    No, I can not post a pdf.

  • craig 2012/07/15

    Do yoy have a fire alarm template with fllor plan and legend , 1 line diagram, battery calcs, sequence of operation etc for Visio 2010

  • TruXter 2012/07/15

    Floor plan would suggest I know what building you are working on.

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