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Linux User Rant About Microsoft vs Apple

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Linux User Rant About Microsoft vs Apple

Posted in : apple, computer, hardware, software, tech on by : Tech Review Man

Apple Versus Microsoft

Do we not get tired of hearing the same argument over, time and again? ” Well Microsoft is better than  apple just look how many users we have” the retort is “well look at how many viruses you have”. and then as we all shrug at the next statement as a reaction is ” well that is because we have so many users, who in their right mind would create a virus for a mac?? why bother with infecting the three mac users out there” This always stumps the mac guy so he usually mauls around all the stupid responses he can come up with then he responds with the big be all end all answer ” Well i don’t care how many users there are on mac or Microsoft, I just like how much better Mac edits video and audio files”.

Really… Really??? Really guy? show me this huge massive collection of videos you have created and all the audio content you edited. Don’t show me some stupid cd you burned at 2 seconds faster on your mac than what some other dude could have done on his windows machine, Don’t send  me to look at some clump of pirated videos you burned to a CD or DVD collection. I will have to, by all means  grab my keyboard and give you a close frontal of a home row tattoo.

“Well a Macintosh is the best computer you can put windows on” . Ok that reaction is pretty good. Not that it is says either is better than the other, it does say that mac actually took the time to find the right set of components and slap them into one machine and mass produce many slightly varied versions of it and know that all parts are a great fit together. Cool great deal. What happens if you have two identical macs, format one and install windows on it, and install equivalent software on each and begin a benchmark? and then check out software that has no match and see what one is the best bang for the buck.  Can the mac play as many games? of the game they both can play which many plays the games the best,fastest,smoothest, has better image quality? What machine has the largest collection of software to be installed and used between the two ? Has either company broken any labor laws? ok that was a mean stab.

Truth is, since Macintosh has a legal bind against Microsoft saying that Microsoft can not build personal computers, after so many years They should at least agree to build computers that Microsoft can be installed on. Wait I guess they already do, since they are 90% PC parts already. The only big Money Microsoft can look forward to is to build something like a tablet or mobile device that you can not technically call a computer, and install it’s operating system on it. Wait.. I guess they already. We call them palm.

Well I am glad they both make an operating system you can install on a thumb drive and take on you when you make a family trip across country and do not feel like bringing your whole computer. Wait?? they don’t? Why not?? Oh you say because the instabilities and mass driver errors? I guess that makes sense. I mean how could any operating system be put on something so small . i mean that would be like  a pendrive boot disk. I guess that would take an operating system used by NASA or good enough to be used in most schools across the country. Would be crazy to think you could do everything Microsoft claims to do or be even better on a mac than mac is, all the while run from a measly 4 gig (or greater if you want) thumb drive.

Man if good wishes could come true.