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Mark Zuckerberg Rumored Buying Myspace

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  17. Mark Zuckerberg Rumored Buying Myspace

Mark Zuckerberg Rumored Buying Myspace

Posted in : chat room, chatroom, social, social network, social networking, social networking | forum, Tech News on by : TruXter

Story is that Mark Zuckerberg is buying Myspace.
I don’t see it happening. I see the chance that Mark and crew might implement even more stuff like Myspace content to their site, but not a buy out.
but the rumor says that Mark Zuckerberg and crew are going to bring it in, all Myspace links will still work, and there will be a slow gradual change of advertisements from Google adsense to the Facebook platform of advertisements.
Also within this rumor is the chatrooms will be brought back. Your existing Facebook profile and Myspace profiles will then merge, you have the option of which one . I doubt that. I see Facebook not wanting anything but their own.

I personally would like to see Myspace buy out yahoo or merge with Yahoo. and run Yahoo advertisements. Have you ever seen Yahoo’s chatrooms? Spam farm. They have no control of their own network.

I would also prefer to see MSN bring back their chatrooms and work more on their Myspace killer (lol) they started but never completed.
I would also like to see aim chat (or what ever in the heck aol used to have for their chatrooms)get in on this deal and use their servers or what ever is left of them

The more the choices we have, the more innovations we have and the more freedom to choose what network and what abilities we want to use and have. As of now there are still a few social sites that are sitting stale. Why not move them all up?
What social Changes would you like to see ?

2 thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg Rumored Buying Myspace

  • Keith D Shrock 2010/10/25

    Let’s see MySpace Stock is down 17% – Facebook Stock is up 24%. It’s a good rumour – could you give us your source please? Then we could check that before posting in our facebook status ideas area.

    A Rumour is just news running ahead of itself – with a red dress on – and high heels.

  • TruXter 2010/10/25

    I’m sorry, I have nothing linkable as of just yet, other than speculations in forums. and that’s nothing to go on. Just some verbal buzz I have been hearing. Which again sounded like bs. but the people it came from, not bs.

    I was at point where if I posted this it could be pre-mature. If I didn’t post this I could miss out on being the first.
    This whole thing could blow up. And leave me Etarded.
    but I gave it a shot.

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