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Messing around at work

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Messing around at work

Posted in : humor, work on by : TruXter

[tags]duct detector, fire alarm, fun, job, photo beam, pull station, smoke detector, work,employment,job,photoshop,autodesk,cad,ion photo sensor,houston[/tags]

I decided I would make a fricken long website address.


I do not think the boss liked me just jacking around like that while on the clock making that link.

but it was a way to show off what changes I did to the actual site.

Of course it is hosted on my own personal site. Simply because I am new and thew doubt me.

It’s understandable. I am still being trained by people on how the actual job it’s self works. After my 90 days evaluation period ends. I will start showing some of my better quallities. I mean there are two i.t. guys there , and it’s not like I dislike them. It’s just they have the “i.t. guy” territorial thing going on. Well i do not need people getting territorial on me while I am still learning the mechanics of the job.

After march I will probably start posting news and updates on how I may or may not be doing this fire alarm company some good. No I am not pulling wires or turning screws or even carrying a ladder, Autodesk/cad and photoshop and the like all day long while searching the web for references, because I do not want to ask for help.