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Mobile device and internet price

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Mobile device and internet price

Posted in : cell, cell phone, cellphone, RANT on by : TruXter

I read a post on reddit (which linked to this article) that covers a few of the topics I have covered before. This brought up an issue I am having. This issue is with my cell carrier charging me more for less.
Seriously I don’t see why so many people pretend this isn’t going on. My only guess is everyone really wants to pretend they are so wealthy, they don’t worry about stuff. Or they figure they can’t do anything about the issue so they won’t discuss it and assure someone else they notice the issue, so something can get started to solve it.
The issue. Is bandwidth limits. 4 gigs.
what can you do with 2-4 gigs a month?
Not dang thing.
Except check email.
Facebook has too many pictures. You should hit your cap before the end of the month all year round.
but the trick is, you upgrade your phone to a phone that can only use 4G and now your unlimited internet is capped at 2-4 gigs a month. and my carrier will not allow me to switch back to 3g for this phone. My cell phone provider says my phone won’t work on 3g because my cell phone is specifically made for 4g. So their website wouldn’t even let me register the phone I had until I would call and change my service plan. Since the 3g cell phone I had couldn’t use 4 g it wouldn’t let me change my plan. Imagine how those phone calls went when I was speaking to Stewy in the middle east..So now I am on a 4g plan that costs slightly more than my 3g plan was… Which was unlimited, and of course when I am in an area that doesn’t have 3g, the internet status on the phone shows that I am running at 3g or whatever is available.
Seriously. I do not see much difference between 4g and 3g. at all. Signal isn’t better. bandwidth might be a tad faster on the stats tests, but youtube still loads like hell.
Something posted on reddit on this issue.

They’re like drug dealers “here, have better stronger faster internets on your little squint device, at the same price as your home device… but you can only have so much a month, unless you pay more”.

This mentality is as if there is a limited amount of internet “sorry sir but your internet baggy is now empty, pay more and we will refill it for you, only so much per person”.

as if they are conserving something.

Truth is. If they leave their bandwidth at one current speed and not increase to faster,The more their use goes up, would reflect more customers are signing up. It’s not our fault they increased their speed.

I mean really , how fast do you need to load a 6kb m.xxx.com website?

The whole thing is a f-ing scam.

Someone seemingly fighting this battle all alone for a while now.

2009 saying same thing

2010 saying same thing

2012 saying same thing

and it seems to be coming more and more true.

Later in 2012

We’re all feeding a corporate beast in denial. To hide our sham e of being so gullible we tell ourselves we like it and need it and take it to the next level of upgrading and updating our phones and other mobile devices to the latest and greatest as soon as it comes out. That’s $400 each time. That’s two or three times a year. We want people to think we are on top of things and smart. Truth is, if we were smart we would know that these devices do nothing but waste our valuable time and ruin our eyesight doing it. Yet here we are. You on your iPad, either agreeing or disagreeing with me.

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