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Houston Craigslist Clearly Not Moderated

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Houston Craigslist Clearly Not Moderated

Posted in : RANT, review on by : TruXter

Too many times I have searched Craigslst in Houston area for a car. and foolishly didn’t set my min max price search at exactly one dollar apart. I say this because you do any price difference greater than $10, you get a page full of rims and tires and seats in the car section. All the while there is a separate section specifically for parts, tires etc.
I report these parts when I see them in the section for complete cars. but to no avail.

If someone moderates that place. Please wake them up and make sure they get back to work.because the site is unusable like this. Please send warnings and notices to the repeat offenders. Use i.p. and account bans for the persistent offenders.

If it keeps up, I will start posting couches and dog clothes in the auto section.

Just because they say “F150 tires and rims” does not qualify it to be in the F150 searches. Seriously… anyone searching for an F150 most likely will not own an F150, and not need rims and tires. The person selling the F150 will most likely not be willing to invest into the truck so please.

And do not allow the searches to check dealerships. because you will get 10 versions of the exact same ad for the exact same vehicle. and then move to the next vehicle and get ten of each add for that one also.
“new 2011 Toyota Carola fresh red” next ad “2011 New Toyota Carola Fresh Red” and so on. Let’s not forget the “****l00k @t Thi$****” ads…. come on people… who falls for this crap?


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