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Ancestry Sites – Scam

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Ancestry Sites – Scam

Posted in : internet, internet hoax, internet safety, internet security on by : TruXter

Scammers crawl these sites.
They get a number and track down the owner. locate their relatives, locate their numbers.
Call the relatives and start name dropping people in their family then say that one of them got a loan and used them as a reference. then threaten to send cops after them for a false made up “guilty by association” crime and then say they will not call the cops, if they pay off the family member’s loan amount.

Pretty much rip off your entire family.

Here is how Ancestry.Com is fake and gives fixed results.

ancestry TruXter is a made up word. Well sort off. It’s a misspelling of a real word that is no longer used. In the past 100 years or so it meant “Truck” . correct spelling is “truckster”. It’s origin means “traveler”. Click the image and see what the results I found were.

I tried “Bopanopski” next. Apparently they have a better contextual engine than what the spammers of ten years ago had, where they flooded Google with hundreds of pages. If you haven’t tried any names on Ancestry, please try “Bopanopski” and see what you get.

Look. Here’s the best advice I can give you about computers or the internet.
ANYTHING you see advertised on television, selling you stuff for computers or internet… It’s a scam. Penny auctions, virus scanners, websites or even computer deals. If it’s advertised on television and talks about either of these or sells it, it is a scam. ALWAYS!.

All of the Ancestry websites out today, are fake and do nothing but sell your information to scammers. Not everyone in the world can be related so extravagant person or famous person. So that should have been your red flag.
Problem is, once your information is on there, it’s on there for ever.
All of the real information that these sites have obtained, are from the users. No user will ever be able to see what the other users posts. What you see is fake and even if it was true, the information would go back only so far. Most of the older generations are passed on, or not as well connected with internet usage. So, not much information would be made available to you.

You have been advised. Good luck and happy internetting.

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