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Motorola and Android – Backflip

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Motorola and Android – Backflip

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It was needed.


Motorola Really needed this.

This phone looks like a really good phone. Slim with a large screen area.

The full keyboard of this phone puts it above any existing blackberry. That is for texting reasons of course. It’s the all of the add on software you can get, they call them apps. These far exceed the number of hackberry apps. This clearly proves that blackberry should try and dabble with the android system before it is to late.

Motorala builds some very well built phones, mechanically that is. So this software and their eye for design and dependability is a great merger.

The fact they leave the full keyboard in pushable smashable buttons instead of going for just touch (like most of the android phones recently), is probably the largest greatest and most appreciated part of this phone. This phone is the G1  that should have been.I predict this phone being more common than the Moto Razor ever was. To bad it’s currently only on AT&T. If they changed services to anything GSM other than AT&T i would jump to this phone.