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Mycrk.it Text message

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Mycrk.it Text message

Posted in : cell phone, cell phones on by : TruXter

No way I would click a random link, so I took it to my pc and typed in the address from the text message. got a redirect to a legit page on Cricket’s website
which had this video in it.

as we all know, the company that owns cricket is called “leap Wireless” and the company that owns AIO is AT&T. and we all know that AT&T just purchased LEap Wireless, that is why the merger of AIO and Cricket is on going now.
Basically, Cricket people if you go in, you will need to change your plan.
Aio people, will not need to change their plan.

Knowing Aio and Cricket are now owned by AT&T…
Everytime I find a good cell company, AT&T buys them out. Eventually I have to go in and trade my phone for a phone compatible to their signal. and they always offer me “a great deal” where they give me a phone at the “same value” as my previous phone… which means that if I bought my phone in a discount sale at $29, they give me their current $29 phone.. Basically… I have to downgrade drastically because a smart company does not have a decent phone on sale at that time. or a voucher for $29 off of a phone, and all sales will be crap phone.

Count on that big ol brick phone being offered for the value of your current phone.

They have done this to me twice now.

My first phone was AT&T and it wasn’t even good enough to be a nokia brick. It had a metal antenna and couldn’t even play snake. AT&T charged me $120 for that phone. So I later found some off brand company local to my area that was offering new $175 nokia phones if we trade our AT&T phone and pay $25. or something close. so I pounced on it and grabbed one. one month later I am standing in line at AT&T trading my phone in because they merged with the company that stole me away. What did they give me? A phone the size of my shoe.
I couldn’t get a signal anywhere. I called and asked for help and repeatedly got told “hmm that’s odd, no one else is complaining, pay $85 with your insurance and you will get a replacement for that exact model phone”.  So I started looking for a new company. I found the one that had that blue alien with the football shaped head and a snorkel on top. Primco… Finally got my first flip phone. It was gold, made by audiovox. Pretty slick looking. Paid $29 for it. with in a year, AT&T bought them up and ……BAM… same stupid Nokia brick..

Here it is after 14 years of swearing I would never go back to AT&T…. They bought out Cricket.

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