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Real Side of Google Adsense

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Real Side of Google Adsense

Posted in : review, website on by : TruXter

As of right now. What i am seeing this year with Google Adsense in statistics (based entirely on my websites) for page view to click through ratio, is 1/355. This is actually good. Considering that my websites are for people on a budget or people trying to increase their income, those are pretty high, no matter what place advertising affiliate you use. Face it, people on a budget aren’t looking for ways to spend money, and well, most advertisements on the internet are people selling stuff.
These past few months have been very kind to on Google Adsense. I have not seen anything close to this since 2007-2009.

I see other statistics that show 1/200 and some that say even better. That would be some heavy content with lots of talk about a specific product, to make Google match the content that dang close, so that the readers would be that dang interested in the ads..

but for about three years I barely even saw 50 clicks total. This was scary. and now I have to suspect it has to do with the economy. I event created a job site about employment site and motivation to help people stay at their job with a job search specific Google search on that site on the first page. you know what gets the most hits there? People searching for tricks to make unemployment keep paying. if they only knew how detailed that searcher was and how great the results were they would know they could find the amount of job apps in their local area they need to fill out to keep unemployment happy. But what ever. My point is, people are searching for free money. Not to spend it.  This was clearly an economic issue.

Those days are over. Google seems to be doing very well with their latest update to their servers. I am seeing way more readers than before. Almost triple the count I saw in 07 per month. 07 was my best year. FYI.

So if you are thinking of using some other affiliate, I can assure you they do not have near as good of an advertisement systems as Google Adsense. Unless you get a direct advertiser on your website that pays you a set amount for the space you give them, no advertising company out there can compare to Adsense. and yes I have had my rants in the past, but the new Google tweaks are direct and spot on on.

If you are trying to decide whether or not to use Google Adwords to advertise your products, I suggest you try it for a short time and see what kind of traffic you get. I promise they will post you on the correct websites. Their nearest affiliate competitor will just slap you on any old website talking about any old thing. If you sell computers on your website, you do not want to be coming up on websites about coffee tables. Adwords will work wonders for your products. You will get correct traffic.

One thing that gets to me is the way that your ad value goes down as you get more clicks on one specific spot on one specific page. You would actually think that spot would gain value because the spot is marketed well by the page’s content. Seems that is not the case. I mean if the spot talks chili all the time, and people click the ads for the chili recipe, then the cost for that spot should go up. Right? but it does not. You would suspect that multiple companies selling the same product would be climbing over the top of each other to be placed on that spot. Especially if that spot draws traffic for that content. I mean why would you want to have your chilli advertised anywhere other than a spot that gets people saying “oh look at that, they sell chilli!” but,For some reason that spot’s value goes down, the more the clicks it receives. That’s a bit gloomy to learn.

Good luck and happy websiting.